Oprah’s 21 Day


with Shawn Achor

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Research in positive psychology and neuroscience shows that a positive engaged brain is the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy.
In this two-part course from the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) and Shawn Achor, you’ll focus on how to reduce stress using five researched happiness habits, train your brain to be more positive and optimistic, transform your life to make choosing happiness easier, use stress as fuel instead of letting it hold you back or slow you down, deal with negative people better, and strategies for helping others be more positive, and ultimately, more successful.

Get a Competitive Advantage at Work

Deepen Your Relationships with Family and Friends

Fuel Your Children’s Grades and Creativity

Decrease Stress and Improve Health

Each part of the course features 21-days of content and can be worked through independently and is designed to fit into any schedule. Join our mailing list to hear about the upcoming relaunch.

Part One

In Part One, learn how to master the skill of happiness in your own life with daily happiness habits, assignments designed to lower your stress, and more.

Part Two

In Part Two, expand your power to create positive changes in your family, co-workers and friends.