It’s Time to Charge Your Happiness Battery!

Look around, and you’ll see some people who seem to have so much positive energy and are so full of life, and some who seem so tired and drained. Even the most positive people can feel like they are running on empty, and maybe not even know why.

The goal of this survey is to help you and everyone around you benefit from a fully charged life battery by identifying the right happiness habit for you. Science shows that we can SUPERCHARGE our life with greater energy, happiness, health and success. With less than 2 minutes a day, you can refill your battery with the fuel that you need to face the day. And best yet, if you supercharge your battery you will naturally cause your family, friends and coworkers to fill up their happiness battery too!

Which Happiness Habit is Right for Me?

Scores 1-15 = Drained… For 21 days, make a goal to simply add three smiles to your day. Sounds too easy, but when you smile, your brain changes and you actually feel happier. Science shows we can fake it until we make it.

Scores 16-24 = Energized… For 21 days, write down or say out loud three NEW things you are grateful for. They can be simple, like “I’m grateful for this coffee”, or “I’m grateful for the sunshine”, but you cannot repeat the whole 21 days. Doing this trains your brain to see more positives in the world. Your brain actually gets better at being more positive.

Scores 25-34 = Charged… You have good positive energy, but you can be supercharged! For 21 days just say a nice compliment to three different people every day, like “you have the best smile” or “you are so compassionate!” It has to be a real compliment to work. But when you do it, watch how much it recharges your battery, as you realize you have the power to make a positive world.

Scores 35-50 = Supercharged… Congratulations, but you are not done! With great energy comes great power. For 21 days, use your supercharged battery to fill up someone else’s battery by doing 1 random act of kindness EVERY day, like picking up someone’s mail for them or getting them a coffee when you know they are feeling drained.

Be the spark for others. We hope your next 21 days lead to a happier, more supercharged YOU!